The customer at the centre

Organisations state in their vision and strategy “to put the customer at the centre”. But how does that work?

MIC checks with the client what goes well and where improvements are needed, does research amongst (potential) customers and ex-customers and comes up with a concrete proposal which describes steps to take for all departments.

Every so-called “touchpoint” will be researched, a customer friendly attitude (customer and sustainable excellence) will be implemented in which every step from idea generation, concept and product development will be involved.

Insights and concepts

Your organisation needs customer insights. MIC can help setup a programme, coordinate the execution and deliver concrete insights, as well as transforming these into concepts for new products and services (value propositions).

Key is to combine multiple information sources: consumer information and market and brand information. The “big insights” are based on the aforementioned and have a high chance of success.

MIC also offers workshops concept writing.

Marketing and Research

Your organisation wants to introduce new products or services and therefore needs the input of (potential) customers.

MIC offers interim market research; from idea generation to the implementation and launch of new products and services onto the market.

MIC has extensive experience in writing concepts, executing market and customer/consumer research as well as applying the aforementioned. This way your risk is reduced significantly, whereas the success rate increases exponentially.