About MIC

Vision: the customer is the focal point in every business decision. Having insight in customers and acting accordingly is key for sustainable growth of organisations on the longer term. Gathering and using customer insights ought to be the basis of every innovation, NPD, communication, marketing and sales process. Not a single project can start without people wondering –and having researched– what the customer thinks and needs.

MIC checks with the client what goes well and where improvements are needed, does research amongst (potential) customers and ex-customers and comes up with a concrete proposal which describes steps to take for all departments. Every so-called “touchpoint” will be researched, a customer friendly attitude will be implemented in which every step from idea generation, concept and product development will be involved.

The top 3 organisational pitfalls according to MIC:

1- Not putting the customer at the heart of the organisation, but sticking to own insights
2- No willingness to improve and clinging to the current situation and successes
3- Taking the digitisation of the own organisation as starting point without hearing customers' needs

In brief: inside-out thinking!
Patrick Bruin, born 18 November 1969 in Arnhem (Netherlands), is an (interim) marketing & insights manager/consultant who delivers deep insight into markets and customers. His expertise is where marketing and market research meet, whereby the customer is always at the centre. Thanks to his enormous curiosity he knows to find out what makes customers tick (whether they are consumers or B2B customers), what they need and how to act upon that.