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(Marketing & Insights Consultancy)

MIC assesses customers' needs and helps organisations to act upon these, leading to a unique experience of your brand.

Vision: The customer is at the center of every business decision. Understanding and responding to customers is crucial for the sustainable growth of organizations in the long term. Collecting and using customer insights should be the foundation of every innovation, NPD, communication, marketing and sales process. No project can start without wondering – and researching – what the customer thinks and thinks about it.

MIC examines with the client what is going well and where improvements are needed, conducts research among (potential) customers and former customers and provides a concrete proposal with steps described for all departments of the organization. All so-called “touchpoints” are treated, a customer-oriented mentality (customer excellence) is introduced, in which the customer is involved in all steps of idea generation, concept and product development.

Why Marketing & Insights Consultancy

  • Advising organizations on how to put the customer first
  • Workshops on writing concepts, value propositions and insights
  • Mapping your (potential) market; market, brand (brand), product and customer research incl. customer journeys
  • Capturing (customer) insights in a Management Information System
  • Drawing up and executing a market research plan from gathering customer insights up to and including launch on the market
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